Regular Printer Service – Prevent Problems!

There are some items that no office of any size can be without, and the office printer surely falls into the category.  An office printer represents a significant investment, be it a rented item, or one that’s bought and paid for in full. Many printers are multi-functional, providing scanning services and photocopying as well as printing. Given its significance in the office, its frequency of use and its variety of essential functions, a printer will often need to be serviced to maintain its efficiency.


💡 When it comes to printer service, prevention is better than cure

Most of us are accustomed to servicing our cars after a certain mileage and we should really look at our office printer in the same way. Without regular maintenance, checking the oil, water, spark plugs and so on, a car will inevitably suffer the consequences – at best something relatively easily fixed, and at worst a seized engine. There’s labour to be considered when a major repair is required, replacement parts, and the loss of use during the repair time. Apply that to an office environment – cost of repair that isn’t in any business plan or yearly budget, and no printer/photocopier/scanner during the repair time? Most offices simply cannot function properly without a working printer.

 💡 Budgeting

One of the major advantages of regular servicing is that the cost is fixed and the schedule of services is predictable, and for both of those reasons the cost can be built in to the yearly budget of a business. Allocating finance to printer maintenance up front allows for the cost to be managed and spread out throughout the year. Compare that with the potential cost of a major repair should the printer break down, the down time without a printer, outsourcing printing, or at worst the cost of replacing a printer. Not having a regular service is a false economy.

 💡 Productivity and quality

A fully functioning and well-serviced printer will guarantee your office can produce whatever is required, whether that be high volume printing, large photocopying quantities, envelopes or labels. Most office workers will know that there is nothing worse than a jammed printer or discovering toner marks causing streaks across a page. Sound familiar? If so, know that regular servicing will ensure that many of those problems will not occur.

 💡 Wear and tear

Normal wear and tear is inevitable, but it’s how you look after your machine that will determine its level of efficiency. Many of us are guilty of ignoring those niggling “warning” messages that come up on our printers. Have you thought about how much worse the problem will get if your printer keeps going? Well, unfortunately those “warnings” progress into major errors if they’re not attended to when they should be.

Regular servicing of your office printer will prove the most cost-effective way for your business to ensure that it works every time!

Regular-Photocopier-Service-Able-Office Systems

Service and support from Able Office Systems allows your organisation to get the most out of office technology, in turn boosting productivity. We provide:

 ➡ Preventative maintenance
Less down time as we frequently service your office technology before a problem occurs

 ➡ In-house training
Customised by user requirements

 ➡ Phone support
An issue can often be resolved over the phone with an engineer, and there is no restriction to office hours, as your organisation sometimes operates outside of the norm

 ➡ Call outs
Should you require an engineer to call to you, contact us in the morning; we will be with you in the afternoon, contact us in the afternoon; we will be with you the following morning.


Keep you printers and photocopiers functioning to their maximum capability!  Contact us now for a cost effective option to suit your organisation.

Date: June 12, 2016

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